Care & Maintenance

An end grain cutting board is a natural wood product that will warp or crack if not properly maintained. Please follow the instructions below to help insure that your cutting board lasts for years and years.

How To Maintain Your Butcher Block Cutting Board

Your cutting board has come with a food safe Danish oil finish applied at the factory. We would suggest giving it a quick hand washing with hot soapy water before the first use. Dry with a towel. Never put in the dishwasher!

Extremes of humidity and dryness can swell and shrink hard wood enough to cause small seasonal checks to appear, usually around the edges of end grain cutting boards. This possibility, although remote, is an unavoidable condition of enjoying the character and beauty of a living material. You can help preserve your cutting board by keeping your home humidified in the winter, and by frequent applications of mineral oil.

You will need to apply either food safe Danish oil or mineral oil regularly to properly maintain your cutting board. Never use corn, olive, or vegetable oil as they will become rancid in time. We would recommend at least a once a month application. Apply a generous coat to both sides and let set overnight. Wipe off the excess with a rag, and it is ready to use.

Keep your cutting board clean and dry. Scrub your board after each use with hot soapy water, and dry with a towel. You will notice that most of the moisture will evaporate off the surface quickly. If it doesn’t, it’s time to apply more finish.

If you store your board flat on the counter, check to make sure there is no moisture collecting underneath. Otherwise, we recommend storing the board on its edge to help minimize moisture.

If your cutting board becomes gouged, you can sand the surface until smooth. Apply an oil finish and your cutting board will look brand new!

Getting Rid of Odors

If the odors are acidic in nature, sprinkle the board with baking soda and a small amount of water. Let it sit for a half hour, then rinse.

If the odors are alkaline in nature, spray with white vinegar and let sit for a half hour before rinsing.

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