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Are you passionate about cooking?

If so, I’ll bet you’ve spent a pretty penny on your favorite chef knife, and you use it almost every time you prepare a meal. Make sure you protect that knife with one of our beautiful end-grain cutting boards. A good old-fashioned end-grain cutting board is the best surface to prep on – period! These butcher blocks have been used for centuries by meat cutters and chefs alike because it is simply the best tool for the job. What do I mean by “end-grain”? If you look straight down at a tree stump, what you are seeing are the ends of the wood fibers, much like a paint brush turned upside down. With this hard end-grain facing up, you not only get a beautiful looking cutting board, but you it will actually protect your knives. How? The exposed end grain wood fibers will actually spread apart when your knife strikes the surface, helping to reduce stress on the cutting edge. When the knife is removed, these wood fibers will close back up again. This self-healing attribute helps prevent the board from scarring, keeping it looking like new.

The most common reason people are so crazy about these boards has little to do with their practicality. When people come into the showroom and see our boards sitting on the counter, they can’t help but run their hands across the smooth surface, and pick out their favorite looking cutting board. “What kind of wood is this?” “This would be perfect in my kitchen.” “My wife has to have one of these!”  I don’t even have to say anything. These things sell themselves! Almost without fail, if you put one of our large end grain cutting boards on your kitchen counter, anyone that visits will gravitate towards it and start gushing about how beautiful it is and how they wish they had one for their kitchen. This is especially true if you pick one of our Cherry or Walnut boards.

So how do you pick out the right cutting board for your kitchen? The first thing to figure out is how much counter space you have. Once you’ve determined how much room you require, all you need to do is pick out the largest board that fits in that space. We have many different sizes from a small 7 1/2” round to a large 15 ½” x 23 ½” roast board to fit your space.  These boards are so beautiful that you will want to leave them on the counter all of the time. The natural warm wood tones and beautiful grain are the perfect accent to any kitchen. We find that most people need 2-3 boards of different size and shape to accommodate most of their needs. A large board that sits out on the counter all the time will get the most use because it is always there ready to use, and can also be used as a serving tray. A small round board is ideal for snacks, and can easily be carried where you want. A medium size board is perfect for serving a nice cheese or vegetable spread. We route finger grooves into the sides of many of our boards so that they are easy to carry. With the wide variety of wood species that we use to make our boards, there is sure to be one that will fit in with your décor.

One of the great things about these cutting boards is that unlike almost all of your  kitchen gadgets (juicer, bread maker, food processor, cappuccino machine, mixer, etc) you will not only use it as soon as you get it, but you will use it every day for years, even decades! How many hundreds of dollars have you wasted on the latest “must have” for your kitchen only to end up “storing it” forever in the back of some cabinet?  You will use and enjoy our boards as an essential part of your kitchen, and if you give one as a gift, they will appreciate and remember your generosity for a very long time.

So take a look at our wide variety of beautiful wooden cutting boards and pick out the perfect one for your home.